We think you might have some fun navigating our web site. On it you will find our first slate of 10 films and information about each. You will be able to view a sizzle trailer, some poster art , a video “pitch” and treatments that will give you a pretty good idea about each of our upcoming film projects.

In addition, you can learn about the DRW team and if you are prepared to fill out a confidentiality agreement and questionnaire, even read the scripts, see the production budgets for each film and review the investment parameters for each project.

Our initial slate of 10 films was assembled to provide a diverse array of subject matter and production budgets. We have films that can be produced for as little as $1,000,000 all the way up to $50,000,000. Our story lines cover nearly every possible genre from historical (Golden Reich), to science fiction (Answer Man), to current events (STATS), to dark/erotic (Fat Girl), to supernatural (Unsolicited), to fantasy (Jesse Garon), and everything in between.

The selection and acquisition of these film projects (yes, we already own 100% of each project) was not a haphazard endeavor. We wanted a cross section of subjects and budgets to respond to the differing interests and investment demands of those who will in fact become our partners in the film production process. We want to produce films that an individual investor can invest in, as easily as an international hedge fund.

DRW’s production offices and state of the art post production facilities are located in the prestigious and historical Wiltern Theater Tower in Los Angeles.

So go have some fun and learn more about DRW2 and our cool stories. Because the stories are the thing that make a film successful. We like our stories, a lot, and think you will too.

The DRW Team

Mark Donahue,  David Workman
Matt Donahue, John Corser

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