New York Dirt

New York Dirt

  • War College

    War College

    In the mid-1960′s several “for profit” colleges arose in the mid-west basically to give rich students with abysmal SAT scores, an educational destination to allow them to avoid the draft and being shot in Viet Nam. Many of the students came from families that could buy their own college and revolves around one town, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, and how for 4 years this small conservative town dealt with rich, hip kids from LA, Philly and NYC. While the story has some Animal House in it,., it is also moving and touching regarding the lives of the students and how they learned life lessons from the “townies.”

  • New York Dirt

    New York Dirt

    The commercial real estate market in New York City and how deals and fortunes are made…and lost. It revolves around a young man who is hired by a slick commercial real estate brokerage firm that makes its money by representing Donald Trump like guys who will stop at nothing to “make the deal.” Sex, booze, bribes and very expensive suits provide the back drop of a funny and sometimes scary storyline.

  • Stats


    Is a present day thriller about how presidential elections have been rigged for the last 30 years. A young MIT economist discovers the firm he works for in NYC is part of a cabal that purposely mis-states unemployment statistics to give the 2012 election to Obama.

  • Second serve

    Second serve

    We don’t all play tennis, but sooner or later, we all need a second serve. Second Serve is a story with humor and pathos about finding oneself late in life. It’s about how women from another time never played sports, never understood sports and as a result were different than their daughters and especially different than their granddaughters. It’s First Wife’s Club meets A League of Their Own with a 1970’s rock and roll soundtrack.

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